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Entz Aussies

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I tell people that with my business woodworking, I just do what I learned in kindergarten! And that is I just cut and glue! It started when we purchased some land that had these 3 old barns sitting on it. And I said for 10 years someone should do something with that beautiful barn wood. My husband would have nothing to do with it, said he wasn’t going to tear down those barns board by board. Finally, I decided to do something and started peeling off boards and just selling boards on e-bay, then I started to make frames out of it.

One day a friend of mine called and she wanted to know if we had a bucket calf. We did! It was the end of calving season and the cows and calves had been turned out, and no one wanted to mess with this calf. So, for a trailer load of pallet wood, I traded for this calf. With the pallet wood I started making crosses, and one thing lead to another, where now I am making 3 D cutting boards, along with selling barn wood and along with making crosses!

I use my dogs to advertise my woodworking, and my woodworking to advertise my dogs! I love the creating part. To take a challenging pattern and make it work.

Entz Aussies & Barn Wood Crafts

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